WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions and warnings may result in death,
personal injury or property damage.

Step 1. Check for loose, missing or damaged parts.

Step 2. If the generator will be used around flammable materials or in the State of California, a spark arrester must be installed.

Step 3. Determine the electrical load (Watts) of the items you need to power and compare to generator's wattage capacity to prevent overloading. (Amps x Volts = Watts for each of the items you need to power. Amp and Volt information should be on a data label for each item you need to power.)

Step 4. Mix fuel stabilizer with gasoline.

Step 5. Fill the tank with gasoline.

Step 6. Add oil to the crankcase.

WARNING: If your generator is to be used as a stand-by power source in case of utility power failure, a double-throw transfer switch should be installed by a licensed electrician. Failure to do so could result in a back feed electrocuting utility personnel working on downed power lines!