Water Pumps

Why Own a Powermate® Water Pump System?

Powermate offers premium quality water and trash pumps to support homeowners or contractors in resolving their water transfer needs. Powered by easy start and low noise engines, Powermate water and trash pumps are constructed with rugged frames with full protection and high quality volutes (housing) for durability and long life operation. A variety of applications exist such as light construction, flood control, draining swimming pools or irrigation needs.

  PP0100381 PP0100363 PP0100364 PP0100342 PP0100365
Model No. PP0100381 PP0100363 PP0100364 PP0100342 PP0100365
Engine Honda GX25,
Honda GX120,
Honda GX160,
Engine Displacement 25cc 179cc 118cc 163cc 179cc
Starting System Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil Recoil
Fuel Type Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity .15 Gallons .95 Gallons .53 Gallons .83 Gallons .95 Gallons
Oil Capacity 2.7 oz. 20.16 oz. 18.88 oz. 19.52 oz. 20.16 oz.
Max Capacity 30 GPM 158 GPM 158 GPM 185 GPM 260 GPM
Max Head Discharge 106 feet 82 feet 95 feet 98 feet 85 feet
Vertical Lift 26 feet 23 feet 26 feet 26 feet 23 feet
Weight 12 lbs 58 lbs 54 lbs 113 lbs 62 lbs