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Popular Questions

Do you have any project tips that involve using powered equipment to perform Auto Body tasks?

Can I get a copy of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for my compressor oil, or air tool oil?

Where can I find the model number for my air compressor?

Can I spray horizontal surfaces, such as tabletops or ceilings?

My motor (turbine) is making a strange noise and/or smoking.

Why do my gun and hose get hot when I spray?

How do I start my sprayer?

What is that strange knocking noise?

Why does my Airless sprayer lose pressure?

My sprayer draws paint and makes the knocking sound, but no paint comes out when I pull the trigger. (Will not spray)

Why is my unit leaking oil?

Why does the pull cord on the engine get harder and harder to pull?

How do I activate the soap on my pressure washer?

Why is the pressure fluctuating or pulsating?

Why is water is leaking between the manifold and the pump body?

The oil in the pump looks milky. Why?

Why is water leaking from the pump?

Why is oil leaking between the pump and engine on my gas pressure washer?

Why is oil leaking from my electric pressure washer?

Why did the motor start smoking and then quit?

Why does the engine start and then stop?

How can I tell which new High-Pressure Soap lance I need to order for my spray gun?

How can I adjust the rate of the detergent?

How do I control the pressure?

Why does my gas pressure washer run rough or sound strange?

Can I run bleach through my pressure washer?

Why does the electrode stick to the metal, only turn red, or will not strike an arc?

Why did my welder stop working in the middle of the project?

Can I make the welding cables longer?

Why does the welding wire stick to the metal, pulse or not strike an arc?

Can I weld aluminum?

What is the circuit breaker requirement for Campbell Hausfeld welders?

Why won’t my wire feed wire feed?

What sizes of wire can be used with Campbell Hausfeld’s welders?

My unit does not work out of the box. What should I do?

Why did my welder quit welding?

Why is my welder not feeding wire?

Why is my welder continuously feeding wire?

Why is wire tangling at the roller?

Why does the duty cycle light stay on?

Why won’t my welder spark?

Why does the gun arc at the work piece?

Why is the wire not beading?

Why is the bead too thin or too thick?

My aluminum weld is poor. Why?

Why does the wire sputter and stick?

Why does the wire burn through the base metal?

Is it normal to produce an arc (sparks) when I touch wire to metal even before I pull the trigger?

Why did my stick welder just quit?

Why does my stick welder just hum?

What type and weight of oil does my tool require?

Why doesn’t my stick welder weld?

Why doesn’t my stick welder have a spark?

Why does my stick welder overheat and trip the breaker?

What is the torque rating for each regulator setting on the impact wrench?

Are there replacement parts available for the butterfly impact wrench?

Will I damage the battery of the inflator if I charge it longer than the recommended time?

How do I know when the inflator is fully charged?

My inflator battery will not charge. What should I do?

Can I buy a replacement AC charger for cordless inflators?

Can I buy replacement nozzle/needles for the CC2300/CC2500/RP3000/RP1200?

Do you have any project tips that involve using powered equipment to perform auto body tasks?

Can I get a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Campbell Hausfeld compressor oil or air tool oil?

What type of oil do I use in my compressor pump and how much?

Where can I find the model number for my air compressor?

My compressor does not reach maximum pressure. How can I troubleshoot that?

What is causing my stick welder bead to be too thin or too thick?

How do I determine what size of air compressor to buy?

What causes my stick welder rod to stick to the work piece?

How do I adjust my welder’s regulator?

Why won’t the duty cycle light go off?

The welder does not work/is not receiving power. What’s wrong?

Where can I buy welding rods/electrodes?

Why does the engine either not start or is hard to start on my gas pressure washer?

How do I prepare my gas pressure washer for storage?

Why isn’t water coming out when I pull the trigger?

Why can’t I get my pressure washer to spray detergent?

Why does my engine smoke, or just quit?

Why isn’t a red light showing on the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) plug?

Why did my pressure washer’s motor suddenly stop?

How do I prepare my electric pressure washer for storage?

When I press the buttons on the pressure washer’s GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) plug, they don’t make clicking sounds. Why?

Why won’t my electric pressure washer start?

How can clean the spray tip on my pressure washer?

Why doesn’t water come out when I squeeze the trigger?

I can only get low pressure from my pressure washer. Why can’t I build up enough pressure to spray?

Why has my water pressure dropped after operating normally?

Why is the motor (electric or gas) surging or revving up?

How do I test the viscosity of my paint/stain (coating)?

Air always comes out of my spray gun. Is that normal?

There is air coming from my spray gun, but why won’t it spray paint/stain (coating)?

Why is my gun leaking paint?

When do I need to change my needle and/or nozzle?

I have HV2500 series and HV3000 series sprayers. What is the short piece of hose on them?

Why is paint only spitting from my gun instead of spraying?

Can I use an air compressor-driven gun on my HVLP turbine?

How do I prime an Airless Paint Sprayer that will not draw paint, water or fluid?

My sprayer will not build up enough pressure to spray. (No knocking noise)?

Why won’t the motor start? Why does the motor hum?

When I release the trigger, paint still comes out of the gun. (Gun won’t shut off)