You may have a faulty plug, inadequate electrical input, inadequate connection between plug and electrical socket, or a tripped circuit.


Steps to take:


  1. Unplug the pressure washer. Test the electrical outlet. (Your pressure washer should be running on a dedicated 20-amp circuit.)


  1. If the GFCI plug has been tripped, it could be due to excessive heat from the unit or exposure to water. If on an extension cord, remove the extension cord and plug directly into a 20 amp designated circuit.


  1. If you have been running your pressure washer, let it cool down before restarting and look for any moisture that might have come into contact with the GFCI plug.


  1. Plug the GFCI plug firmly into the electrical outlet, then push in the “Test” button and then push in the “Reset” button.


  1. If the red light still does not come on, or the GFCI plug remains tripped off, your pressure washer needs repair. If your unit is under warranty, take it into the nearest Campbell Hausfeld service center. If it is not under warranty, you should take it into the nearest service center or call Campbell Hausfeld Technical Support at (800) 543-6400.