1. Unplug the electric pressure washer or shut off the engine on the gas pressure washer.


  1. Remove the lance from the pressure washer gun.


  1. Twist the nozzle to the open position. (The metal blades will spread apart).


  1. Use a tip cleaner or a 3" long, small-gauge wire. Gently move the wire back and forth through the end of the nozzle to dislodge any debris.


  1. Remove the wire.


  1. Backflush the lance with a garden hose, spraying through the tip from the opposite direction that water flows during normal operation.


  1. Pointing the lance toward a light source, look through the nozzle to determine if you can see any light showing through. If you can see light, the tip is now clean.


  1. Reinstall the lance in the gun and operate the pressure washer.