Horizontal surfaces can be sprayed by taking proper precautions.


  • The material tube in each gun is bent at an angle. To spray a horizontal surface, rotate the tube so that the bent part of the tube faces down when spraying up, or up when spraying down.


  • If your gun has a pressure tube that runs from the gun body to the canister seal, make sure that the check valve is installed properly. The hole in the check valve should be opposite the material tube fitting on the canister lid. If your gun has pressure screws, the location of the hole in the check valve is irrelevant.


  • When spraying up or down, paint may enter the gun body through the pressure tube, or through the neck of the gun body if your gun has material screws. You must thoroughly clean the screws, tube fittings, tube and all areas of the gun body to make sure that paint does not collect and clog in those areas.